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Leveraging Structured Pruning of Convolutional Neural Networks

H. T. V. G. M. L. M. A. D. Bertrand and T. Hannagan, "Leveraging Structured Pruning of Convolutional Neural Networks," in IEEE SiPS, Rennes, France, November 2022.

Structured pruning is a popular method to reduce the cost of convolutional neural networks, that are the state of the art in many computer vision tasks. However, depending on the architecture, pruning introduces dimensional discrepancies which prevent the actual reduction of pruned networks. To tackle this problem, we propose a method that is able to take any structured pruning mask and generate a network that does not encounter any of these problems and can be leveraged efficiently. We provide an accurate description of our solution and show results of gains, in energy consumption and inference time on embedded hardware, of pruned convolutional neural networks.

Download manuscript.

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