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Using Tags to Improve Diversity of Sparse Associative Memories

S. Larroque, E. S. Gooya, V. Gripon and D. Pastor, "Using Tags to Improve Diversity of Sparse Associative Memories," in Proceedings of Cognitive, pp. 1--7, March 2015.

Associative memories, a classical model for brain long-term memory, face interferences between old and new memories. Usually, the only remedy is to enlarge the network so as to retain more memories without collisions: this is the network’s size–diversity trade-off. We propose a novel way of representing data in these networks to provide another mean to extend diversity without resizing the network. We show from our analysis and simulations that this method is a viable alternative, which can perfectly fit cases where network’s size is constrained such as neuromorphic FPGA boards implementing associative memories.

Download manuscript.

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