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Reduced-complexity binary-weight-coded associative memories

H. Jarollahi, N. Onizawa, V. Gripon and W. J. Gross, "Reduced-complexity binary-weight-coded associative memories," in Proceedings of International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, pp. 2523--2527, May 2013.

Associative memories retrieve stored information given partial or erroneous input patterns. Recently, a new family of associative memories based on Clustered-Neural-Networks (CNNs) was introduced that can store many more messages than classical Hopfield-Neural Networks (HNNs). In this paper, we propose hardware architectures of such memories for partial or erroneous inputs. The proposed architectures eliminate winner-take-all modules and thus reduce the hardware complexity by consuming 65% fewer FPGA lookup tables and increase the operating frequency by approximately 1.9 times compared to that of previous work.

Download manuscript.

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